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There are several ways to send us your art.


  1. If you can send large files via email, we can receive file sizes up to 100mb. Send email to: info@Maxxink.net
  2. If you prefer to use an FTP client, you may upload files to our server. (Please see FTP instructions below)
  3. Or you may use an online file transfer service. Please see list below.
    Send link to: info@Maxxink.net

If you have questions about sending artwork, just give us a call.

FTP Instructions:

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) service can be used to exchange files that may be too large to e-mail efficiently.
To use this feature, you’ll need an FTP client...

If you are sending your file via FTP, please send us an email noting the filename once upload is complete.

To use the FTP Service, connect to the internet as usual and launch your FTP software. Make a new connection and enter the host name, user ID and directory as listed below.

FTP Host: maxxink.net
User: maxxupload
Password: Maxxink275 (case sensitive)

Tip: If you’re having trouble connecting, make sure MODE is PASSIVE and PORT# is 21

Quick list of some FTP clients:




Cute FTPWS_FTPSmartFTPCoffeeCupFileZilla